Devin's Birthday

Kicking off our first blog/vlog: Devin's Birthday!

The idea of getting a blog/vlog going has been on our minds for awhile now... so why not kick it off with sharing a little bit of Devin's birthday weekend?! As this is our first vlog, please leave us comments on our YouTube page - what did you like? where can we do better? Because the whole point of doing this is to share all the fun stuff in life with you! There is so much in and around the life of being small business owners (because no matter how much you love what you do, how interesting it is or how important it is... there is still a whole other level of life to be lived!) Thanks so much for taking the time to read on - we are looking forward to sharing all our adventures in 2019 and onward. 

- Jen & Devin

Vegan Carrot Cake with Coconut Icing

Here it is, by popular demand. Friends, I must warn you. This is not a cake you bake for a house of two to eat. Call your friends. Call your neighbours. Worst case - freeze the leftovers (if you can resist eating it all yourselves). Oh ya, it was that good...

For the recipe > click here > Gimme Some Oven

A couple of points/notes for the next time I bake this cake or if you make it, too:

1. I didn't use gluten free flour and it still turned out great.

2. I didn't emulsify the flax egg and oil... next time I will! It will probably lead to an even fluffier cake (speaking of flax egg, I just mix my flax/water and let it sit to gel up - I also didn't follow the protocol on this and likely will rebel next time as well on this point...).

3. There was a comment about swapping out some of the oil for a bit of pineapple - TBD - that's something worth trying to take this cake "next level".

4. Next time, I'm going to add a bit more punch-wow in the spice department. I like a spicy carrot cake, so will up the allspice and ginger more generously!

5. The icing is SO sweet. Likely, this may be why you don't devour the whole cake... I would recommend cutting back the 8 cups of icing sugar. As you whip it, add the powdered sugar gradually and give is a taste until you are personally satisfied with the sweetness! Less (deadly) sweet icing = more cake indulging. 

Happy baking!

Niagara for the Weekend


We drove to Niagara early to try and avoid the storm, and also was a fantastic excuse to do some adventuring (great chance to test the new snow tires...) and go to our favorite breakfast spot, Yellow Pear for a 2nd breakfast! 

Our top 3 "must visit" from this trip that we would recommend checking out the next time you are in the area are:

1. Sue Ann Staff Winery -(LOVED their vidal ice wine) Really unique back story here and you literally are walking into her house... very different "feel" than other larger wineries in the area. If you are a dog person - you'll melt over meeting Brix.

2. Dillion's Distillery - Fantastic product and super friendly staff made this one of our top stops over the weekend! Cannot believe how many times we've driven by and this was the first time we'd ever stopped in... 

3. Yellow Pear (as mentioned above). Make sure you make reservations. This is a very popular spot and you likely won't get a table on the weekends otherwise. Food is a-l-w-a-y-s incredible here. They are also big believers in local food and have won multiple awards for being so good at what they do (they actually run three businesses).

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