June 2nd, 2019

London, Ontario < St. Catharine's, Ontario

We’ve packed up our 3100 square foot shop into a 20 foot shipping container and purchased a Tepui overland tent for our truck - ready to head east to the Canadian Coast on the first loop of our adventure. 

There are no photos from "Day Zero" - it always takes longer than you think it will to pack up, especially when you are going for a month or more with a new overland set up... all in all it was a relatively jam packed yet uneventful day. We just plugged along getting the truck loaded and tried to clean up the house some before we left it sit.

We left town around 7pm (after trying to find a restaurant we liked in London that was open on a Sunday *didn't happen* then hitting a grocery store on the way out of town as a back up plan *also didn't happen* so we back tracked to our trusted grocery store on the other side of town for snacks and frozen pizza that we ate when we arrived at our "accommodations" for the evening...)

We pulled into St. Catharine's somewhere around 11pm, ready for some hot food and to pop open the tent for the night. Using the "freecampsites.net" website we found out you can stay in the Irving Truck stop that was near by. Being so new to the over-landing concept and it being so late into the evening, we thought this was the perfect spot... next to the highway... and big rig trucks... under bright lights...