- Welcome -

Hi there! We're Jen Rose + Devin Miller - 

We are a Canadian couple who happen to also love being self employed artisans and, therefore, where compelled to run a business together.

Miller + Co Wood began with Devin developing a design for/and crafting incredible wood serving boards, which quickly spiraled into much, much more. I quit my corporate job and helped around the shop wherever I could when we launched our first brick and mortar location, while honing my pottery skills alongside. Fast forward to now, we've also started to grow Miller + Co Pottery, becoming a sort of "his + hers" operation.

In April 2019, we are packing up our business, our two dogs, selling our house and headed travelling in search of inspiration and adventure.

For awhile now we have talked about blogging/vlogging to share our projects, travel + love of food and all things local while documenting our life and adventures on YouTube.

This is the beginning - thanks for joining along with us!

- Jen